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Auto Refinish Coatings

The automotive refinish paints segment is one of the fastest growing areas in the Industrial paints market in India. Automotive industry has been the major consumer of industrial paints, propelled by the rapidly increasing passenger car, commercial vehicles, and two-wheeler markets. Main drivers for this growth are:
Fast growing pre-owned vehicles market in the country.
Increasing road damages fuelling growth of vehicle repair and body shops.
Propensity of painting existing cars with fancy colours catalysed by higher disposable income.
Preference for high value-high performance coating technologies such as polyurethane paints, substituting the traditional forms of refinishing paints such as nitrocellulose and synthetic alkyds.

Presence of several players in the market and burgeoning car colours and finishes offered by each of them, has resulted in demands for any colour on the spot which in turn has triggered setting up of special tinting machines in the body shops with tinting experts mixing and matching colours from standard bases for repainting full car or part of cars within the shortest possible time.

Southfield Paints has established it's range of Automotive finishes with European state-of-the-art technology and capability to provide the highest quality of refinish paints to the body shops with tinting machines near feature.