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Agriculture and Construction Equipment coating segment

The growth of Indian agriculture sector is of paramount importance as it involves more than 60 percent of the country's population. The growth in domestic volumes has been driven by the desire to enhance productivity, fuelled by an imminent threat of low cost imports aided by WTO. The agricultural equipment sector is a key sector that contributes to agricultural growth and productivity. Construction sector in India is considered to be the second largest contributor to economic activity, after agriculture sector. Construction sector also accounts for most inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) after the services sector. 50% of the demand for construction activities in India comes from the Infrastructure sector, while the rest comes from Industrial activities, residential and commercial property development etc.

India is rapidly developing into a hub for manufacturing agricultural equipment, such as tractors, hand tillers and so on. At the same time the construction equipment sector is witnessing rapid growth in manufacture of Earth moving equipment, heavy duty material handling equipment, cement mixers and the like.

Southfield Paints is focusing in this sector to become able partners of the manufacturers offering state of the art coating systems with high levels of protection and durability in harsh operating conditions.