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Industrial powder coatings

Powder Coatings are 100% solid coatings and are spray applied electrostatically on metal, ceramic, glass and some plastic substrate and need heating to melt, flow and cure the coating to it's final form. The fact that it has excellent protective and decorative value in one coat and oversprayed powders are almost completely recovered and recycled, has made this technology the workhorse of many industrial finishing segments.

Powder Coatings are also considered better value for money by virtue of it's simplicity of use, eco-friendliness, economy and high performance. Moreover it is a safe product thereby commanding simpler and less expensive insurance for plant and machinery.

Southfield Paints has a licensed technology of Powder Coatings from Becker Powders in Europe who are among the best Powder producers in the world. The technology edge has put Southfield in the same league with Indian majors and global powder producers.